Today Thailand celebrates the chulalongkorn day, that’s more than a reason for us to present you our TuesdayFact already on a Thursday before. That holiday is a very special holiday in Thailand.

In honour to the popular king Chulalongkorn the 23rd of October is a national holiday in Thailand. Every year on his death anniversary Thais from the whole country put magnificant decorated wreath of flowers in front of his memorial Ananta Samakhom, a hall in the centre of Bangkok. Till today king Chulalongkorn, who reigned from 1868 to 1910 in the former Siam empire, is regarded as one of the most important monarchs in the history of Thailand. Especially because of the abolition of slavery he became very popular in the population. Also the development of the education and the health-system as soon as the introduction of a railsystem and the national post happened in his reign period and let Thailand become more modern. His death on the 23rd of October 1910 was a big loss for the whole Thai population.

Thai people believe that the king chulalongkorn admiration brings you luck and wealth. That’s the reason why even today you are still seeing many houses with pictures of the former king.

Even in Germany king chulalongkorn left something. After his residence in Bad Homburg in the year 1907 he gave the town a customized Sala because of his gratitude, which he delivered there by ship.

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